Original Courses

Lecturer in Law, “Free Expression in a Networked World.” Stanford Law School, with Professor Barbara van Schewick. Spring 2017-18.

Course Development Assistant, “The Idea of a Free Press.” Stanford University Department of Communication, Professor Theodore Glasser. 2011-12.

Teaching Assistant


Teaching Assistant, “Communications Law.” Stanford Law School, Professor Barbara van Schewick. Winter 2017.

Teaching Assistant, “Digital Media in Society.” Stanford University Department of Communication, Professor Fred Turner. Fall 2015-16 and Spring 2011-12.

Teaching Assistant, “Role of the Supreme Court in American History.” Gilder Lehrman Foundation, Stanford Law School Dean Larry Kramer. Summer 2013.

Teaching Assistant, “Perspectives on American Journalism.” Stanford University Department of Communication, Professor Theodore Glasser. Winter 2011-12.